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Mid-September, US and Chinese patent professionals from law firms and industry gathered in Paris for attending the first patent seminar organized by Santarelli. High level speakers presented to the participants various aspects of the European Patent Office practice, such as clarity, extended subject matter and the patentability criteria with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence. The participants had also the opportunity to practice the addressed topics during workshops.

One of the seminar highlights was the session dedicated to global patent strategies. It was explained how applicants can successfully use the EPO as global patenting hub and design cost effective strategies for extending their patent protection beyond their domestic jurisdiction. The participants could learn that EPO, when used smartly, can also be the cheapest solution for global players.

The studious working days were followed by recreative evenings where the participants and speakers could enjoy Paris and extend the good spirit of the seminar with a glass of champagne.

The participants feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and they all expressed the wish to come back again for the next session. For a first try, this was a very encouraging stroke!