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Guide start-ups and or investors by making industrial property a key component of the value and longevity of their projects

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Intellectual property is often a key factor in the development and success of projects driven by a strong technological, technical or scientific dimension. Start-ups or investors need to secure their intellectual property rights at a very early stage. For investors, intellectual property can also be a key factor in a company’s valuation and greatly influences a company’s capital raising potential.

Alongside start-ups :

Santarelli is a key partner for start-ups or investors in protecting and promoting their technological innovations.

Santarelli works alongside company founders and leaders, helping them manage the wealth that their IP represents while making sure that they are fully aware how their IP can be used offensively or as a defense.

Santarelli’s IP attorneys are experts in their respective sectors and as such they can efficiently guide start-up companies in highly technical projects.

Alongside investors :

Santarelli also advises investors using the firm’s extensive experience in evaluating start-up IP rights and carrying out IP audits related to raising capital. Santarelli provides investors with specialist experience and guides them in their investment decisions.

For both start-up companies and investors, Santarelli offers a flexible billing policy that takes into account any financing constraints.

Why Santarelli ?

  • An approach that helps start-ups manage their intellectual property (IP)

  • The skills to assess the value of IP when an entity is created, both for capital raising purposes and external growth transactions

  • A strategy that aims to use your IP to leverage your company's development and to ensure its sustainability at both the national and international level

Our added value

Didactic approach and a solid relationship with executives and shareholders

Understanding of issues at stake and of the financial constraints of growing companies

Awareness of offensive and defensive IP issues

Knowledge of the mechanisms and challenges of raising capital

Readily available, highly responsive and efficient in managing urgent matters

International perspective of intellectual property protection for start-up companies

Technical expertise (information technology, biotechnology, physics, etc.)

Online access to your IP portfolio

Didactic approach and a solid relationship with executives and shareholders

Our Services

  1. 1

    Define the global IP strategy in cooperation with the executives / investors

  2. 2

    Assist in determining priorities within a given budget

  3. 3

    Provide administrative support and manage all necessary paperwork and filings at a competitive cost

  4. 4

    Put in place an international protection strategy

  5. 5

    Conduct audits during growth operations

  6. 6

    Establish and manage industrial property rights

  7. 7

    Manage and resolve IP right violations

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