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Protect and enhance SMEs and mid-cap companies and assist them with their development in France as well as globally

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It is essential for SMEs /Mid-caps and their leaders to protect and enrich their IP assets. Intellectual property is a key factor of a company’s value and development. Such companies need to understand all the issues at stake with regard to their intellectual property. They may need to defend their IP rights in France as well as abroad.

Santarelli understands the needs of company owners and  directors. It assist them in ensuring that their “IP” is a real competitive asset as well a means to generate value when considering, for example, the transfer or sale (public or private) of their company.

In addition to the everyday management of IP rights and managing legal disputes, Santarelli helps SME/Mid-cap company executives to consider their IP issues in a global perspective.

Santarelli also supports its SME/Mid-cap clients in their international development. Thoroughly familiar with the IP issues and challenges associated with global expansion, Santarelli is a valuable ally for company executives in accessing new markets because it is thoroughly familiar with the IP issues and challenges associated with global expansion.

Santarelli advises companies throughout all their key stages, such as developing new products, growth transactions, expanding into international markets, etc.

We adapt our services to your budgetary constraints, and ensure transparency and strict cost control.

Why Santarelli ?

  • An understanding of the issues at stake and expectations of SMEs/Mid-caps

  • Ongoing support to Director or owner both in everyday matters as well as during the key stages of a company’s development

  • A value-based strategy that incorporates the proprietary aspects of both the company and its Director or owner

Our added value

Controlled costs and transparent billing practices

Expert understanding of industrial property tools and their interaction

Strategic management of litigation risks

Instructive approach and strong listening skills

Dedicated teams always available when you need them

Online access to your portfolio

Controlled costs and transparent billing practices

Our Services

  1. 1

    Assistance in building your IP strategy

  2. 2

    Ensure that your IP gives you a real competitive advantage

  3. 3

    Understand all of the issues related the company’s IP assets: build value, secure and defend IP rights, ensure their IP portfolio valuation, transfers and contractual agreements

  4. 4

    Assistance with your international filing strategy and support you throughout your development abroad

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