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Always seeking to combine the optimal skill set, Santarelli views its role as an aggregator of all the services a client may need both in France and abroad

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Since the firm was founded, working in cooperation with other professionals has been an integral part of Santarelli.

The culture of uncompromising quality that characterizes Santarelli is evident in its network of IP firms and service providers (French and foreign lawyers, and intellectual property attorneys around the world).

Santarelli maintains strong relationships based on knowledge sharing, trust and transparency.

Each time we work with an IP Partner, the roles of each party are well-defined in order to provide the best combination of skills.

Committed to providing clients the highest level of service, Santarelli has built a network of experienced well-established referrals, partners and service providers who are all recognized for their excellence.


Why Santarelli ?

  • Relationships founded on trust and reliability

  • Regular reporting of completed assignments and strong working relationships

  • Project management that clearly defines the roles of each party

  • Efficient administrative management

  • Readily available, highly responsive and efficient in managing emergencies

Our added value

Scientific and sectoral experts

Respect for individual competencies

A specialized international network

Strong reputation for high quality service and thorough knowledge of specialized courts in complex litigation matters

Online access to your IP portfolio

Scientific and sectoral experts

Contact us: ippartners@santarelli.com